Sunday, August 24, 2014

Initial review of Facial Paper Compress Masque Mask

If you have used sheet mask, then this should be familiar to you.  Sheet mask is a mask typically made with some sort of thin paper material that is saturated with stuff that's good for your skin.  And you leave it on your face for like 15 minutes.  So I thought what if I can decide what to put in the mask, that would be amazing.

I found these Facial Paper Compress Masque Mask on Amazon and I have decided to put my eczema spray, emu oil and another blend I bought from Chagrin Valley.  These all work well with my skin... I think it would do my face great if I can let all these goodness sit on my face, it must beneficial.

 photo photo2_zps53ea593e.jpg

I bought a package.  The wooden YLBB token (cute, right?) is the size of a quarter for size reference.  What I did was in a little dish, I have a mixture of the spray and oil.  The texture of this mask is thicker, so it needs a lot more liquid (thinner liquid works better) to get it saturated, so it will sit on your face.  The disk expands fast once you put it in the little dish, then you just open it up and put it on your face.  Easy.

The mask works good, my skin feels good because I put my own liquid.  The thing I want to mention again is that you need quite a bit of liquid... I even spray some more eczema spray after I put the wet mask on.  I love the idea of being able to put whatever in the mask.

Here is a quick video of how to.

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