Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life 20140826

This post is mostly for my own venting.  Releasing stress and what not.  My blog is my space to release whatever is on my mind, so here goes. 

Actually it's not earth shattering or anything, that was more like a warning for those who are not interested.  Heh.

I am having some anxiety issues.  I am not sure if they are anxiety attack or panic attack or whatever it is called.  They are not fun at all.  I used to be "normal", and these "feeling" started just for a few years.  It is not something I remotely want to experience.  I just want a normal, boring, plain life. ;)  But I know this is nothing when compared to other people.  This reminds me of the importance of having quiet time everyday.  I am not very good in this at all.  But I wrote that down in my note book.  I have some tools I can use and am using.  Thank you very much.

  • I choose to feel relaxed, calm and confident in all situations
  • I choose to always breathe in relaxation, and feel in complete control at all times
  • I choose to always feel safe, in mind, body and spirit. I forgive and let go of the past
  • I choose to easily calm my thoughts. I allow myself to handle any challenge I face with confidence and ease
  • I choose to be confident in my ability to control my thoughts and feelings
  • I choose to remain calm and relaxed regardless of what is happening around me
  • I choose to stop repeating previous failures in my mind. I am able to deal with past failures in a positive way
  • I choose to feel perfectly calm, relaxed and strong in all situations, no matter what
  • I choose to deserve to feel safe and free. I am at peace. I am safe. All is well

I choose to release the old and welcome the new. I see my self-worth, and I am at peace with life

Since I mentioned notebook.  I bought a Erin Condren life planner.  I wrote about it earlier.  It's pretty and all that and I really like it.  BUUUUUUUUUUT, it's too big, which makes me not wanting to carry it with me, hence affecting me using it.  I like the idea of using it to track everything I desire and I enjoy using stickers etc to make it even more fun.  I used to have a "date book" long time ago.  It was a small one and I enjoy using it... but I stopped and went digital.  Which is fine, but there is something nice about using a paper "date book".  So after some reading and searching, I am now using the "bullet journal".  My note book is smaller.  It is not as "fancy" as the EC life planner, but it's smaller and I enjoy it quite a bit and I use it for various tracking.  And it feels kind of "organic" too to have to write everything.  I enjoy it quite a bit.  I still track things digitally, I like getting digital notification.

 photo photo2_zps538ab0e2.jpg
Selfie from this morning. :) Too cute.

 photo photo1_zps010f807a.jpg
I made this birthday card. :D  Will be giving this to friends.  Ha.  Frugal and cute.

Today is the roommate's birthday too.