Monday, August 11, 2014

Nerd post

This post is about Excel and Snippefy.  Just a headsup.

First of all, let's go to Excel first.  I use Excel a loooooooooooot on daily basis.  And I uses something called Pivot Table too.  If you know what I am referring to.  This post is mostly about the little "tips" or tools I have found along the way of my daily use.  First thing is called SLICER. It is something you use on top of your existing pivot table.  I am not showing you how to use it, which you can easily google.  But this tool makes a pivot table so much more user friendly and made your report look so much less pivot table like and makes using it so much easier.  I highly recommend that.

My second piece of great find is "Protect Worksheet" function.  You know within a workbook (your Excel file), you can have many worksheets (that's the little tabs at the bottom of the screen), you could do so much with your Excel program.  What if you want to hide some of the tabs so the other users can't view it.  Do you know how to hide a tab/worksheet?  Here it is.  But what to do if you don't want your end user to have any access to the hidden worksheet.  They could unhide it if they know how.  Here is what I have found.

Hide all the worksheets first.  [Right click on the tabs and choose “Hide”]

Once you are satisfied with how your document looks,

On the Review tab, in the Changes group, click Protect Workbook.

Under Protect workbook for, select the Structure check box.

To prevent other users from removing workbook protection, in the Password (optional) box, type a password, click OK, and then retype the password to confirm it.

NOTE The password is optional. If you do not supply a password, then any user can unprotect the workbook and change the protected elements. Make sure that you choose a password that you can remember, because if you lose the password, you cannot gain access to the protected elements in the workbook.

As for Snippefy, this is a app on iPhone that extract the highlights and notes from your Kindle and you can export it.  The other day I was having issue with the app, it does not recognize my sign in info.  I was so freaked that I twitter them.  And they replied to me directly (which is amazing)... then the users got an email telling us they are working on the app.  We got an second update last week as well.  And today I got a direct reply on Twitter telling me it is working again.  THAT, my friend is good customer service.  2 Thumbs up to them!

This post is totally geeky and nerdy and I post it mostly for my own benefit.  But maybe someone will find it useful.