Thursday, August 7, 2014

The weekend is around the corner.

Finished watching Divergent last night.  The movie is not bad... but I think the book is better.  Book is always better than movie in most cases.  And I also need to not think of the book when I was watching the movie.

 photo photo_zps419c7d8d.jpg
Finalized the hotel room for our "first real" family vacation WITH GIGI.  I am kinda excited.  She travels really well in cars.  Just want to make sure I have packed everything she need.  She is so cute. :)  That's the drawing from Lili.  Legs are too short.  LOL.  But it's not bad for a "preset" drawing.

Woke up to a tummy ache.  Gah.  Fortunately I was able to "release the toxic", if you know what I mean. :P  I just want to be healthy. 

Also finished the latest One Piece book... once again I feel lost.  This is the most I have read... 7 (or 8?) new ones.  They were really good.  The story line is amazing.  I really enjoy it.  Can't wait for the next one.