Sunday, August 17, 2014

The weekend

It has been a productive weekend.  Lots of organizing and cleaning and shuffling things around.  Heh.  I am enjoying my time with the Gi alone in the house.

 photo photo_zps945ed8be.jpg 
We went to Starbucks and Gigi came for the ride.  I ordered the iced Oprah Chai latte.  And my fabulous manicure.  Base is KB Shimmer Rollin' With The Chromies.  Color shifting amazing holo! Then I added a UFO and Dalek nail sticker decal!  Cool, right?

 photo photo_zps1659ecfa.jpg 
Gigi's frosty paws and her old personalized blankie. 

 photo photo_zps4ebe7e68.jpg 
Gigi demonstrating the decals.  Haha.