Monday, August 11, 2014

This weekend

It is Monday again.  Too soon. ;)  But we are going to make this week amazing!!!

 photo photo1_zps2162df82.jpg 
Used my freebie at Starbucks on Saturday.  I ordered a grande Oprah Chai latte, but they misheard a Venti(?!).  Good thing it was a freebie.  Also took this pic, because I was about to remove my nail polish. 

 photo photo2_zps7d8543aa.jpg 
Came onto the campus again on Saturday after Gigi's pedicure, which she actually didn't need.  Oh well, she must be very happy... she is never a big fan on getting her nails trimmed.  Here she reluctantly look at the camera (sort of). 

 photo photo3_zps3a33b1b4.jpg 
This is Nubar Wildlife topped with Cult Nails Mayhem.  I need sunlight to make the holo show, so I find where Gigi is and used her little paw as prop. 

 photo photo4_zps937e5d28.jpg 
Framed Gigi's drawing into another NYTTJA frame.  I still don't know how to hang it up on the wall.  Blah.  But you see 3 Gigi.  Ha.  Now I need to post a real Gigi (as in a photo) too. ;)