Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Today seems to be cooler.  Last nite it finally starts to feel "not hot" until 9pm!  Geez.

 photo fda2d9d2-2f59-47d7-bcd7-1d4d35ad7155_zpsb822e733.jpg
Finally wearing my Salt Water Sandals. So far so good. Last time I wore it, it actually hurt my feet, because the sole is flat. It suggested to "dampened with water, then be worn while they are wet". I did that yesterday... sprayed it with water and wore it. Seems fine.

 photo photo4_zps639f877b.jpg
Sadly, it's true for me. -_-

 photo photo2_zps32086f0d.jpg
Cutie frosty pie.

 photo photo3_zps77c65b4f.jpg
Bought them from Lacquer by Lissa. This is one of the most elaborate nail decals I have seen and I really like it. It's HP and nail sticker decals! I will probably do my nails tonight, since the weather seems to be cooler. I plan to buy more.  Mwahahaha!