Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Thank God it's finally cooler.  It was like 90+ degree on Monday.  I didn't sleep very well, especially when a certain furry heater was sleeping right next to me.

 photo photo2_zps9b6c90a2.jpg
Selfie with Gigi.

 photo photo3_zps057a43c8.jpg
New holo nail polish from Mod Lacquer. It's a new to me brand... This is the pink one-Aerial Phenomenon and I also bought the purple one called Majic Eyes. Formula is good, and shipping is very fast.  I really enjoy it.  Elephant decal is from Lacquer by Lissa. It is a bit too big. It barely fit on my ring finger. It is cute though.
My hands have been acting up lately.  And so is my face.  Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?  I am back to no makeup.  But maybe I will start wearing mascara.  Since I bought this super expensive conditioning one from Red Apple.  We shall see.

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Smiling selfie.

 photo photo5_zpsb367eb38.jpg
True story. LOL.