Friday, August 15, 2014

Yay for Friday


I had a pleasant evening last night, involving over eating and One Piece Z Movie. :)  Oh and Gigi.  The roommate is out of town and I have the whole house to myself which I enjoy.  I got my OP Movie, it is a zone 5 (I think) DVD, so I have to watch it in the other room with the all region player.  It was good with all the members.  Gigi was watching it for a brief moment.  It was so cute, because normally she does not watch any tv.

 photo photo1_zps2b283f88.jpg
Selfie from yesterday.  Ha!

 photo photo2_zps3ddfbcd2.jpg
Yesterday I got a butt load of packages... my One Piece DVD, my Sephora order, my air filter order and these.  I was going to redo my nails using these, but I was too busy watching the movie.  These designs are so cool.  But again, I wish they were a tad smaller (though I haven't try them yet).  I am still waiting for another order of 2 more designs.  I was on a decal kick then... so I bought a cute ones.  Will do a post on those soon.

 photo photo3_zpsc78ba6fb.jpg
I also got these yesterday. :D  Wish I had the translation of the lyrics though.