Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All about positivity

Today's Jesus Calling is really good.  "I am always available to you."  "No matter what you may lose in this life, you can never lose your relationship with me."  Everyday there is something speaking to me in the passage, sometimes louder, sometimes softer.  But always something inspiring.

Also I am going to drop my negative thinking today (and from now on.  Not easy, but I want to reenforce that) and welcome all nice thoughts.

 photo photo1_zpsd8e2c0dd.jpg
Sooooooooooo true.

 photo photo2_zps47176446.jpg
This is my chocolate stash for the office. I bought a bunch the other way at Target, so I brought some to work. Extra credit to you if you can spot the "special" chocolate. :)

This video is so cute.  And once again made me realize how lucky I am with Gigi.  She is not your "normal" dog.  She didn't love shower (I don't give bath), but she would stay in the tub if I told her she would get a cookie afterwards.  I think she actually enjoys the last shower last week.  She stays in the tub the entire time.  I think she likes the massaging shower head.  She also does not chew any of my things.  Her most "dog-like" characters are:  barking, burrowing (more like a dachshund thing) and loves to eat. :)

This is all that started my "awakening" of being positive. Being a Christian is great, but I didn't really connect the 2. So this is amazing.