Sunday, September 7, 2014


I am not in a good mood right now.  I think my vine in the back yard is murdered.  By who?  I don't know.  It is falling off the fence.  I just discovered that yesterday.  The backyard is very small and I don't go there everyday... because there is no need.  But I did yesterday and discovered the "horror".  It require someone with the tool to cut them off... they are quite thick and quite large (wide).  I was so annoyed and angry and worry that I didn't sleep well last night.  I think the neighbor may have something to do with it, but I am not sure and have no proof.  But I am going to move on and fix that some how.

 photo photo_zps18d8a403.jpg
God please lead me.

 photo photo2_zps98d166cc.jpg
That's me wearing one of my favorite shirt yesterday. Crossover for Harry Potter and Doctor Who. Best of both world.

 photo photo1_zps138a8e29.jpg
Selfie with my Gigi.

 photo photo3_zps2e0df709.jpg

 photo photo1_zpsc9f7184d.jpg
Smiling Chair.

I gave Gigi a shower earlier and she was some how exhausted by it.  And I am tired because of my crappy sleep last night and the night before.