Monday, September 29, 2014

Hangry Monday

This is not a happy most in general.  You are warned. 

Yes, the bad mood continues.  Ha!  While on the way to work, me and my carpool buddy were talking about various topics that boils our blood, eg:  traffic, how people cut me off etc etc.  And I was hungry too.

In the afternoon, The Super (this goes with the "roommate" term) had his BIL to installed some outdoor light and he was instructing me afterwards how to operate it.  He has the tendency to studder and explain things that are not related and you can't always understand what he says and then he gets mad when you don't understand.  And that's what happened.  It is always someone else's fault.  So that's that. And then he wanted to buy some duck tape, and I volunteered because I don't want to be in the house.  So I left Gigi (which I learned was waiting by the door for me.  Blessed her little heart with a valve issue) and got it and when I was leaving I saw my other uncle and he said to say hi to The Super for him, which I did NOT do.  Take that.

Last night was alright in the beginning, we went to dinner and I keep my mouth shut.  Because if you have nothing nice to say, do not say it.  So I did that.  Went to Red Robin.  He drove.  And he didn't know the direction very well and expect YOU to know it the last second he asked and if you don't answer quick enough, you get yelled at.  I told him to turn left first and I thought he heard it, then I said I would not choose that route... then he asked again and I said never mind, referring to my second comment... and he got mad at that.  How the fruck do I know what he is referring to.

So anyway, all these anger lead to a crying party in my bathroom... it really clears up the sinus and I went to bed after that.

Let's just say I will take my sweet time to go home.

I know I have lots of flaws in my personalities.  And they are higher in seniority and I should respect them and be polite, but The Super's default is yelling and it is always someone's fault.  He is always right.  I don't know... I will just say that I suck.

Ok, enough of all these unhappiness.  I can't imagine how The Super's wife handles this.  She has my sympathy.

I also know that if I have spare moments in my mind... my mind will automatically go to all these negative scenarios which does NOT help at all.  So I have been reading my bible and pray a lot and I will be doing that a lot more now.  Which makes me very happy, even though the reason behind it is not as good.

 photo photo2_zps1943d5b2.jpg
When I open my bible (sorry bible for neglecting you), I rediscovered this bookmark! Awesome.

 photo photo3_zpsc7853c0c.jpg
And this gives me so much strength.

 photo photo4_zps0d5ae91e.jpg
I love my Gigi.

 photo photo1_zpsaeb24e33.jpg
This has nothing to do with this... but this was a gift from one of The Super's BIL. They are "smoker", not "nut cracker" and this one has a wiener dog.  This is cute.  If this is mine, I would like a case for it, so it will not collect so much dust.  But that's just me.

I am expecting the next post to be full of happiness and positivity.