Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Just another reason I dislike the roommate

So after talking to a friend who has more knowledge about yard and stuff, I will be buying a bigger pair of yard scissors (or whatever they are called) and do it myself.  Because I know the roommate will not help.  Since I have told her about the situation, she has made no contributions at all.  And if it was like last time that she "complained" that "you should have asked me to help".  But notice when she said that it is per her schedule, if I wait until she is in the mood and availability, nothing will get done.  This is her "polite" way of not wanting to help.  That bitch.  That's another reason I do not like to live in a house with her, because end up I have way more work to do.  If Gigi was a human, I know she would be eager to offer help.  LOL.

Ok, enough of that crap that makes me unhappy.  I might as well look at this as a personal growth opportunity.  I should learn to forgive and wipe her out of my mind.  And this will definitely be a chance for me to work out big time.  Boohoo.  But oh yay?  Anyhoo.  You just need to do what needs to be done.  I am pretty much all alone on this.

 photo photo2_zpsab9252cd.jpg
But this made me happy. I am using Gigi as the background of my necklace. :)

 photo photo1_zps9b663408.jpg
An old pic of baby Gigi. I wonder why was she laughing. LOL. Ok, she was just yawning, but she is so cute.