Thursday, September 25, 2014

Life is cray

Life is once again throwing a curve ball at me.

I want peace and quiet.  This is not from work, but my aunt's niece (we are not blood related, but I know her and we are casual friends).  She is a year or 2 older than me.  My mom told me that her husband died 2 days ago?  WHAT??????????????????????????  I don't know them super well, but they are still my friends.  I have had enough sadness.  Life is so fragile and unpredictable.

Once again, thank you Jesus for reminding me that YOU are my source and I should rely on you at all times.  And that there are reasons that I am single.  Sorry.  There are too much on my mind and I don't know how to translate into words.  But I am thankful for my life and all.

And below are some things to give me joy.

 photo photo1_zpsc6fc2346.jpg
This was yesterday. She didn't want to look at the camera. Fine.

 photo photo3_zps29e65ef4.jpg
This is from today. She is so cute.  And I AM CHOOSING JOY TODAY.

 photo photo2_zps430908e0.jpg
This is from Ninja Polish. This is almost the perfect DW color and it has holo. Looks like Ninja Polish is currently closed.  And I love my nubs.  They suit my life style.

Now off to do some bible study stuff.  I don't spent too much time on that.  But I want to at least do it everyday.  I think having quiet time is very important for me.  So I am making sure I have some everyday.  It is good for the body and the soul.