Monday, September 22, 2014

Nice weekend

We were invited to dinner by my uncle on Saturday.  We asked and Gigi was allowed to go too. :)  My uncle likes Gigi and my aunt is a bit afraid of her (!!!).  My uncle called Gigi pencil.  LOL.

 photo photo1_zps366e958f.jpg
Gigi was on leash the entire time, because she loves to "hunt" and likes to nose in everywhere. :) So the leash is just to make sure I know where she is. I think this is respectful to the host. Gigi was quite very well behave and she did bark a bit when she heard other dogs and other noises. But nothing crazy. Proud of her.

 photo photo2_zps0d729e2e.jpg
Took a selfie too. :D

 photo photo3_zps7cb08a69.jpg
Found a great app to watch lots of different shows. Now I am on One Piece (I have only watched the first handful of episodes at my very beginning). And Detective Conan (this I have watched more because I bought a whole lot of DVDs). Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the new Hero! There are not a lot of KT drama, but enough. So great!

 photo photo4_zps03167fc8.jpg
PSF. Frap. Yummy. Better than the latte.  And my nubs are painted with ilnp Masquerade (H).  Love it.  I enjoy having nubs.  I am getting some shrinking.  And 2 of my fingers on my right hands are messed up.  Boo.

 photo photo_zpsf4bfdca0.jpg
Loving my quiet time.