Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Post Labor Day

The long weekend disappeared too fast.  I didn't sleep too well, especially the house next to us is doing some work (like building a deck).  And it started making noises around 8 on Saturday and 7:15 on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is that even legal?  Anyway, we didn't do much.  I enjoy wearing my pj all day long.  And Gigi and I are just super lazy.  Watched a lot of different videos. Scandals, HP, Sailor Moon etc.

 photo photo1_zps8926dbef.jpg
Went to Starbucks. The moment I wanted to take a pic of my girl, she turned her head away. :/

 photo photo_zps91babde6.jpg
And that's her being too adorable.

 photo photo2_zps78a6a81d.jpg
This is just too cool, and no, I didn't buy this. Though I bought a Luffy shirt.

 photo photo1_zps686dc073.jpg
 photo photo2_zpsfee9cf11.jpg
And I made the last verse (which is not part of the song) into a pic. Yea.