Sunday, September 28, 2014

Productive and moody

I have been in super bad mood this weekend.  I know this is bad for my overall health, but I can't help it with so much anger.  Poor Gigi was being the scapegoat.  I am so grateful she forgave me.  Though she can get annoying and in the way.  But she is the best.

Besides being moody, I was very productive.  Started off with Gigi puking on me, my phone and the sofa.  That get the ball rolling of the unintentional cleaning/organizing flow.  Cleaning, wiping, vacuuming (because once the cushions are removed I can see all the crumbs and junk there, so I have to vacuum too).  Then I cleaned out the backyard too (because of the dead hedges... NO THANKS to the next door JERKS for KILLING it.  MURDERERS.), I didn't do the whole thing, because it's a work in progress.  The STUPID ROOMMATE did not help at all (though she was forced to do some later in the day by the father).  I did 3 bags ALL BY MYSELF.  Did I mention the roommate is useless in doing any cleaning?  Slug.  That's where the bulk of my anger come from.  Then I do laundry.  That's pretty much all.  I was feeling like shit yesterday, physically and mentally.  But it was getting better.  OK, ENOUGH OF MY WHINING.

 photo photo1_zpsf1d770ff.jpg Pumpkin Spice Frappucinno. And my awesome nail polish. I added the design to extend the manicure. I used vinyls from Nail Vinyls. I am not super good in them, but they are passable.

 photo IMG_1843_zps68c3fb13.jpg
Another shot... nice, eh?

 photo IMG_1868_zpsbb2fd249.jpg
I did my right hand last night too, since they are really chipping. Chipped nails are harder to cover up.

 photo photo2_zps41a8975e.jpg
My best friend and daughter. Look at her face. LOL.

 photo photo3_zpsa91275ac.jpg
My mama's OOTD. I like her style.

I must let go of my anger.  I am still thankful (deep down) for all I have... my family and friends and all and everything.