Wednesday, September 3, 2014

TV shows and other stuff

So yesterday I mentioned I was watching lots of shows.  And I want to talk more about them.  Ha.

I am picky on shows.  It has to get my interests in the first episode or it will take me a long time to get into it or never.  Orange is the New Black does not spark any interests in me, though I heard all the good things.  Downton Abbey is the same thing.  It does not mean I will not watch it in the future, but I am just not interested now.

Scandal, however is interesting and I am on the last episode now.  It has tons of twists and turns and I really enjoy it.  I do hope in real life the President of the United States is not as "interesting" as President Grant.   So much political and darkness.  Good for TV show, but you don't want that in real life. :D

Also watching a lot of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.  It's pretty much Sailor Moon but played by real people.  I have never watch any Sailor Moon when I was a kid.  I think the reason is that it is shown on the other TV channel.  Anyway, this particular show is driving me mad, but I can't stop watching (like a train wreck).  It's totally sexist.  The way they transformed, all the extra moves they have when they were fighting.  And the cats!  I know it's just a TV show and that's how Japanese tv/cartoon are... but those are just some of my observation.  Ha.  Though it's highly entertaining.  I know I shouldn't question too much when I am watching show... because that will only drives one crazy.  These are the 2 shows I have been enjoying. :)

Now photos of the cutie pie. :)

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