Monday, October 13, 2014



Took Gigi to her comprehensive exam on Saturday.  And was told she has ear infection in both of her ears.  Poor girl.  We got ear cleanser and ointment.  She has been a good girl in getting her med.  Her eyes are a bit cloudy and she still has heart murmur.  And she is doing good for her age.  My little graying girlie.

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Took this while I was waiting in the room. They took Gigi for the swab.

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I received this custom order pouch from Pinot By Lyn. She has the best customer service and the bag is great quality. I did first want it to be a bit smaller, but after talking to her, this is a better size. And it still fits in the back pocket if I wish.

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This is my Eczema Awareness manicure. Lavender and Orange. I used holo on both polishes. The contrast is not as big. I guess I could have used a cream dark purple.

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This is my "look" this morning. I mixed MetaDerm eczema cream with my IT Cosmetic CC cream and a bit of Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer Treatment.  I like it.  And I also use my new MAC Syrup lipstick.

The new book I am reading is Louise Hay Heal Your Body.  I am in pursuit to heal myself "naturally".  I am not against modern medicine, but I also want to do my part "mentally".  Here are some highlights I have from the book.  I think Love, Joy, Hope and Letting Go are key components of healing.

Location : 46
We need to take good care of our bodies. We need to have a positive mental attitude about ourselves and about life. And we need to have a strong spiritual connection. When these three things are balanced, we rejoice in living.

Location : 97

Whatever we send out mentally or verbally will come back to us in like form.

Location : 98

If you hear yourself saying something three times, write it down. It has become a pattern for you.

Location : 100

The way to control your life is to control your choice of words and thoughts. No one thinks in your mind but you.

Location : 126

work on the willingness to release the need for

Location : 127

When the need is gone, the outer effect must die. No plant can live if the root is cut away.

Location : 128

The mental thought patterns that cause the most dis-ease in the body are criticism, anger, resentment, and guilt.

Location : 129

criticism indulged in long enough will often lead to dis-eases such as arthritis. Anger turns into things that boil, burn, and infect the body. Resentment long held festers and eats away at the self and ultimately can lead to tumors and cancer. Guilt always seeks punishment and leads to pain.

Location : 145

Acne Not accepting the self. Dislike of the self. I am a Divine expression of life. I love and accept myself where I am right now.

Location : 187

Anxiety Not trusting the flow and the process of life. I love and approve of myself, and I trust the process of life. I am safe.

Location : 197

Arteries Carry the joy of life. I am filled with joy. It flows through me with every beat of my heart.

Location : 235

Blackheads Small outbursts of anger. I calm my thoughts, and I am serene.

Location : 244

Blood Pressure     — High Hypertension Long-standing emotional problem not solved. I joyously release the past. I am at peace.

Location : 314

Cholesterol (Atherosclerosis) Clogging the channels of joy. Fear of accepting joy. I choose to love life. My channels of joy are wide open. It is safe to receive.

Location : 340

Coronary Thrombosis See: Heart Attack Feeling alone and scared. “I’m not good enough. I don’t do enough. I’ll never make it.” I am one with all of life. The Universe totally supports me. All is well.

Location : 342

Coughs See: Respiratory Ailments A desire to bark at the world. “See me! Listen to me!” I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive ways. I am loved.

Location : 344

Cramps Tension. Fear. Gripping, holding on. I relax and allow my mind to be peaceful.

Location : 362

Depression Anger you feel you do not have a right to have. Hopelessness. I now go beyond other people’s fears and limitations. I create my life.

Location : 381

Eczema Breathtaking antagonism. Mental eruptions. Harmony and peace, love and joy surround me and indwell me. I am safe and secure.

Location : 413

Fat See: Overweight Oversensitivity. Often represents fear and shows a need for protection. Fear may be a cover for hidden anger and a resistance to forgive. I am protected by Divine Love. I am always safe and secure. I am willing to grow up and take responsibility for my life. I forgive others, and I now create my own life the way I want it. I am safe.

Location : 489

Heartburn See: Peptic Ulcer, Stomach Problems, Ulcers Fear. Fear. Fear. Clutching fear. I breathe freely and fully. I am safe. I trust the process of life.

Location : 509

Hives (Urticaria) See: Rash Small, hidden fears. Mountains out of molehills. I bring peace to every corner of my life.

Location : 538

Indigestion Gut-level fear, dread, anxiety. Griping and grunting. I digest and assimilate all new experiences peacefully and joyously.

Location : 554

Itching (Pruritus) Desires that go against the grain. Unsatisfied. Remorse. Itching to get out or get away. I am at peace just where I am. I accept my good, knowing all my needs and desires will be fulfilled.

Location : 654

Nervousness Fear, anxiety, struggle, rushing. Not trusting the process of life. I am on an endless journey through eternity, and there is plenty of time. I communicate with my heart. All is well.

Location : 680

Pancreatitis Rejection. Anger and frustration because life seems to have lost its sweetness. I love and approve of myself, and I alone create sweetness and joy in my life.

Location : 776

Skin Protects our individuality. A sense organ. I feel safe to be me.

Location : 777

Skin Problems See: Hives, Psoriasis, Rash Anxiety, fear. Old, buried guck. I am being threatened. I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. The past is forgiven and forgotten. I am free in this moment.

Location : 823

Teeth Represent decisions. — Problems See: Root Canal Long-standing indecisiveness. Inability to break down ideas for analysis and decisions. I make my decisions based on the principles of truth, and I rest securely knowing that only right action is taking place in my life.

Location : 952

I’ve learned that children—and animals, too, because they’re so open—may be largely influenced by the consciousness of the adults around them. Therefore, when working for children or pets, use the affirmations both for them and for also clearing the consciousness of the parent, teacher, relative, and so on, who may be surrounding and influencing them.

Location : 968

Our goal is to live happy, healthy lives, enjoying our own company. Love dissolves anger, love releases resentment, love dissipates fear, and love creates safety. When you can come from a space of totally loving yourself, then everything in your life must flow with ease, harmony, health, prosperity, and joy.

Location : 971

A good way to use this book when you have a physical problem is to: Look up the mental cause. See if this could be true for you. If not, sit quietly and ask yourself: “What could be the thoughts in me that create this?” Repeat to yourself (aloud, if you can): “I am willing to release the pattern in my consciousness that has created this condition.” Repeat the new thought pattern to yourself several times. Whenever you think of the condition, repeat the steps.

Location : 978

LOVING TREATMENT This closing meditation is helpful to read daily, as it creates a healthy consciousness and, therefore, a healthy body. DEEP AT THE CENTER OF MY BEING, there is an infinite well of love. I now allow this love to flow to the surface. It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness, my very being, and radiates out from me in all directions and returns to me multiplied. The more love I use and give, the more I have to give; the supply is endless. The use of love makes ME FEEL GOOD. It is an expression of my inner joy. I love myself; therefore, I provide a comfortable home for myself, one that fills all my needs and is a pleasure to be in. I fill the rooms with the vibration of love so that all who enter, myself included, will feel this love and be nourished by it. I love myself; therefore, I work at a job that I truly enjoy doing, one that uses my creative talents and abilities, working with and for people whom I love and who love me, and earning a good income. I love myself; therefore, I behave and think in a loving way to all people, for I know that that which I give out returns to me multiplied. I only attract loving people in my world, for they are a mirror of what I am. I love myself; therefore, I forgive and totally release the past and all past experiences, and I am free. I love myself; therefore, I live totally in the now, experiencing each moment as good, and knowing that my future is bright, joyous, and secure. I am a beloved child of the universe, and the universe lovingly takes care of me now and forever more. And so it is. I love you.

Life is good.  All is well.