Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cold weather eczema skin care routine

I have been on YouTube kick for awhile now and a lot of those "guru" (dislike that term) like to do skin care/shower (oh yea... as in REALLY taking a shower ON VIDEO)/night time etc routine.  So I am doing my eczema skin care routine.  And if you are here because you saw my blog on Metaderm's Instagram post.  Hello!

Once again eczema can only be managed, but not cure and this method seems to work for me right now and I will share additional stuff I might add to the routine to make my life easier.  I will put links in them, so you know what I am talking about.

Let's begin with my current routine.  I use an all natural soap for shower.  I bought mine from Chagrin Valley Soap and sometimes I also use Metaderm Wash.  Then immediately after my shower I spray Metaderm Eczema spray all over from head to toes (ok, not my toes), then I moisturized my face with Metaderm  cream with emu oil added in because my face is acting right now and emu oil has lots of great qualities, that's why I chose that.  Then I moisturize the rest of my body with the same mixture.  When my skin is calm, I only need a pump (I use the big 32oz size bottle that comes with a pump) for my whole body.  When my skin was really bad, I use one pump for each body part and lots more throughout the day.  I rub the cream on my hands and I patted them all over, then rub it in.  I find it if I do it this way I won't be "wasting" any cream.

My hands are also victims of eczema.  When they are acting up, I like to soak them for a few minutes before bed.  Lately, I like to add Toe Juice in warm water and soak for 5 minutes.  Then I put cream on.  On really bad days I add a fuzzy pair of (cotton) gloves overnight.

Since I was mentioned on Metaderm's IG with my lovely (scary) photo of me wearing a mask, I would mention my new method (I am pretty sure I have mentioned it in one of my old posts) in this post.  It is easy.  In a little dish, add a bit of Metaderm eczema spray and add a tablet of these dried mask.  The key is the mask need to be quite wet (almost dripping) for it to stay on the face and I let it on about 10 minutes (not 20 as said on Metaderm's IG) and I put cream on after that.  It feels very good.

When my skin was really bad, sometimes I added an all natural salves or cream on top to seal in everything.  I have bought salves from Chagrin Valley and I have even made my own.  I have also used Booda Butter to seal in the cream, because this cream is made with all butter and oil, so it makes a great barrier.  I don't do this all the time, only when it's necessary, as they can get a bit greasy.  I have also used bleach bath when my body was really bad and with some success.

I think that's all I can think of now.  It is not super organized, just whatever I can think of.  You can search a bit on my blog as well.

Product recommendation.  Just from my own personal experience.
MetaDerm Eczema Cream and Spray
Chagrin Valley Soap and salves
Booda Butter and their lip balm
Borage Therapy Advanced Formula lotion