Thursday, October 23, 2014

Daily staple

So this is also kind of a favorite post.  But since I don't switch up products much, it's no point of doing it every month with the same things.  Ha..

Let's begin.

  • Gigi.  She will always be my favoritest favorite.  It makes me very happy that she chooses me too. :)
  • Cetaphil for face washing
  • MetaDerm eczema spray.  I use it on cotton pad at night as toner.  And all over after shower.
  • MetaDerm eczema cream.  Mix it with CC cream on face in am.  And everywhere at night and body in the morning.  I also sometimes mix it with emu oil.
  • Booda Butter lip balm.  All organic and natural.  [I tried the softlips cube one,  it tastes and smell pretty good, but leaving my lips feel dry.]
  • Natural soap for shower and washing face in the morning.  I usually get mine from Chagrin Valley.
  • Neutrogena T-Gel and T-Sal for shampoo.  My scalp can be very picky as well.  Sigh.
  • Hurraw Moon Balm at night.  My favorite to use at bed time.
  • Chagrin Valley Face & Eye Mousse for under my eyes.  I never pay close attention to my face.  But recently I have noticed deep line under my right eye.  Probably from eczema, so it's dry and all.  And I have been using this mousse on the line to fill it in.  The line seems to be not as deep now.

These are goodies I have been using everyday.  Below are other stuff I enjoy.

  • Toe Juice.  I like to soak my hands when needed.  Instead of applying it directly on problem area, I add it to water and I soak my hands in it for a few minutes.
  • Paper mask.  I use this with the eczema spray when needed.
  • Simple sugar unscented scrub with emu oil.
  • Rescue Remedy.  This is when I feel like I could get anxiety.
  • Refresh Plus eye drop.  I like this when my eyes are dry and/or irritated.
  • iPad Air.  My new addition.  I love it.  Though I think the wifi connection can be iffy at times.
  • Kindle.  Duh.  It's awesome.
  • iPhone 5S.  My great helper. 
  • My necklace.  Just a simple silver chain with my footprint in the sand  and dachshund pendant.

 photo photo1_zpscfd6c5b1.jpg
Wearing my fav pendants.

 photo photo2_zpse0e4936b.jpg
My favoritest favorite.

 photo photo1_zpsd93976a1.jpg
No one wants to get up this morning.