Monday, October 27, 2014

New week

Not feeling too well today.  Maybe it's time to see the doctor again.  I am really annoyed with all these crap.

Anyway.  Over the weekend, we went to my uncle's birthday dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  And we had tiramisu for cake.  The cake was nothing like a Tiramisu.  Ha.

Yesterday we just chilled at home and we played ball.  We haven't play ball in a very long time and she seems very excited. :)

 photo photo1_zpsea126419.jpg
Cute frosty paws.

 photo photo2_zps74e84286.jpg
Dinner time. She is supposed to sit in the little bed. :)

 photo photo3_zpse9f8e42e.jpg
This is from this morning. She was cleaning her body and then she noticed I was taping her. She is funny.

My hands are really feeling the colder weather.  I already skinned my palm.  And not to mention lots of little cuts.  Boohoo.  I have also start wearing gloves at night.  I need to use a richer moisturizer too.  Sigh.