Friday, October 3, 2014

Yay Friday

Hello.  Last night I was using my Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser.  Last time I used it, I got a slight itch... but last night when I use it, I got more itch and today I got "rashes" and it's still itchy.  The "rash" is not as severe compared to when I got it from using the sheet mask.  I bought this cleanser from a review from someone who had a rash.  So this product GIVES me a rash instead.  Oh joy.  Good thing I only bought a small one.  Gah.  So needless to say, I am makeup free.

 photo photo1_zpsb1b0aa87.jpg
I bought the kid version of Jesus Calling. I am really liking it. I think for a non native speaking person, straight forward English is easier than fancy words.

 photo photo2_zpse38e8c55.jpg
This is the regular version. I still like it. I like this one because it included the scriptures (not on the actual book nor the kid version). I like both version for their own uniqueness.

 photo photo3_zps4b560054.jpg
This is so sweet. :)

 photo photo4_zpsdcf4c642.jpg
We are wearing matching scarfs today. She is way cuter, especially that she has no rashes on her face.

 photo photo_zps8b356d69.jpg
Did my nails last night. The night before my right hand cuticles were crazy itch when I was sleeping, so I soaked my hands last night and put emu oil on the cuticles and it was fine. So high maintenance. :/ I was going to do eczema awareness or breast cancer awareness nails...this polish is kind of pink, so this will do. :)  Here I am enjoying my London Fog, I am switching to this cozy, because I need to give my doxie one a wash.