Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello new week

More random bullet points again, because that's effective.

  • Gigi didn't sleep well over the weekend, she woke up multiple times and shook. Thankfully she slept well last night.  She is seriously the cutest though. :)  I also have to remind myself that she is a 11-year-old little lady now and I have to be gentle with her.  We shared hard boiled eggs over the weekend. :)
  • Had ramen for dinner last night.  Japanese ramen.  I love them.  The portion appeared to be small, but surprisingly when I waited it out, I am doing ok.  Ha!
  • I have used up more than 1/2 of the 64gb SD micro card (which actually only has 59-ish gb available in reality).  Lots of movies.  If I am using my Tab 4, I am going to use it to its max.  Still prefer my iPad though.  Anyway, using the Tab for shows/movies and as Kindle, so I don't even carry my Kindle with me now.  Though the Tab crashes from time to time.
  • Hands are so dry and crazy.  I know I should be wearing gloves, but I don't really like to.
  • I rediscovered the goodness of Rocky Mountain Lotion stick, it really leaves a coating on the skin, which is what I like after I used my cream... so everything is sealed in.  Layering moisturizer is useful.  I have posted this from labmuffin before (my post and her post).  So I bought 2 more sticks from RM.

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Captain's birthday.

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 photo photo_zps2c733379.jpg
My cutie.  Why is she so cute???????????????  I am grateful for her shaded-red on her body, because your "ordinary-red" turns frosty.  Her paws are quite frosty, if she wasn't the color she is, she would be white now.  Ha.