Thursday, November 13, 2014


  • Work has been crazy.  We are short 1 person and there are so many things to work on.
  • Skin has been very dry, so that was painful.
  • My nose is sniffy today and I want to stay healthy.  So I am going to drink some EmergenC.
  • I really enjoy How To Train Your Dragon 2 and Maleficent.
  • It is getting cold and Gigi has to wear her thicker jacket.  I still think she could gain a bit more weight.  I am going to up her food a little bit. :)
  • I think I enjoy Bite Beauty Lip Mask.  It is thick, but tolerable.
  • I really enjoy Revlon Lip Butter Sugar Plum.  Berry lippies are one of my fav colors.
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway is still one of my favorite show.
  • Gracepoint is a good TV show.
  • I still prefer iPhone over Android.
  • That being said, I still prefer my iPad over my Galaxy Tab 4.
  • Happy Birthday, Takuya.  I am so glad I fell in love with you 15+ years ago.
  • It is good to feel better.  Feeling hungry is good.
  • I am still doing the "gratitude" journal on my Bullet Journal, at least for this month.
  • Had fun playing fetch with Gigi, even though it only lasted for a few minutes.