Monday, November 10, 2014

This weekend

It's Monday already.  The weekend went by so fast.  We didn't sleep too well.  Gigi keep waking up in the middle of the night.

Saturday I took her to have her nails trimmed and her bum squeezed nice and early (like 9-ish).  She was always nervous when she gets her nails trimmed, she would froze and won't even eat the treats, finally she ate a bunch on her last paw.  Silly.  Then her tail is all wagging when it's all done. :)  We went to the shop next door (all own by the same people) and she peed and pooped there.  Yup, that's my lady Gigi.  There was a very cute and warm hoodie which would be so great for Gigi, but it is Seahawk and is like $40!  I didn't buy it.

Lunch we went to Wild Wasabi, it was close to home and not too bad for the price.  I had curry katsu. Like I said it was ok.  Then we went to shopping.  After awhile I felt sick.  Lesson was:  don't go shopping with the roommate, she takes forever and not buy anything.  Then we went to visit one of my uncles.  His whole family was there, so I got to meet my niece again (technically my cousin's daughter, but I just call her my niece) and my french bull dog nephew.  Ha!  And my uncle has a new baby snapping turtle!  Who has that as a pet?!  My mom made a dish and the food was not bad.

Yesterday we stayed home most of the day.  I cleaned Gigi's ears.  And I tried to nap and I watch Maleficent and I reaaaaaaally enjoyed it and I recommend it.  And I am really enjoying my Galaxy tab.  For dinner we went to Red Robin, and the parental unit has a stupid fight.  Everyone is dumb.  Anyway, I had a simple bacon cheese burger and it was delish.  So all in all it was good.

 photo photo2_zps9ba60098.jpg
Photo of the rainbow in Cannon Beach. I love rainbows. It also means the promises from God.

 photo photo3_zps5c6860f4.jpg
Selfie with the Gigi Monster. We looked young in this pic. Ha!

 photo photo4_zps9cdc0b97.jpg
She put her chin on my arm last night. It was so sweet. I gave her my heart and she gave me hers too. :)