Friday, November 7, 2014

Various thoughts on many things

First off, I want to thanks Liz at Metaderm for her amazing customer service and friendship.  She has been so helpful in so many things and I really appreciate her.

And this month is usually the time where many people post about their thankful list.  I am doing that on my bullet journal this year.  I am reaaaaaaaaaaaaally wanting to live a more positive life.  I am lucky enough to have this realization after I work at the mortgage place, but I haven't push it as much as I should have, so now I am pushing it.  It's about time.

I am still really enjoying my bullet journal.  It is quite helpful.  It seems to work better for me than using the Erin Condren planner (too heavy and bulky and expensive... though price is not the main reason).

I am surprisingly enjoying my new Galaxy Tab 4 a whole lot.  I just got my new iPad Air (G1) a few weeks ago and I love that thing.  I enjoy using Apple products.  And I haven't use any Android for many many years.  Anyway, points that Galaxy is better than iPad:  lighter, external storage, has a lot of the same apps I already am using on my iPad/Apple products, cheaper.

 photo photo2_zpsa25750c2.jpg
The Tab. I am still waiting for the screen protector and the cover to arrive. I bought a 64gb micro SD card for it.

 photo photo1_zps5545e3da.jpg
Bought Gigi 2 new jackets. This is the black quilted one, this one is lined with fleece. She looked so cute. The other one is a pink fleece one and is reversable.

Went to lunch with my coworker today.  The day was nice... then we went into her office and it started to get really warm and I started to feel icky.  :/  Then I went back to my desk... then all of a sudden I feel my heart was beating very fast.  It only lasted for a bit, but it was scary.  I do not like feeling like that. :(  I just want a "normal" and "boring" life.

Oh and I found another colleague who has a dachshund. :)  Black and Tan.  8 year old smoothie boy.