Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week of 20141117

Felt like I haven't blog in a few days?!

Life is going on.  I am feeling alright and everyone seems to be doing good.

 photo photo1_zps4e04f8db.jpg
Got a bunch of Silk Naturals lippies. Surprisingly they are all YLBB colors. Ha! I am into colored lippies again. Haven't wear makeup in weeks now (probably months).

 photo photo3_zps7e0ea221.jpg
Selfie with my favorite girl. We have played ball twice this week. It is always fun when she enjoys it.

 photo photo2_zpsfbd1258a.jpg
Went to Target to get some shampoo and shower spray earlier this week and found these lippies. I can't help myself but to have to get them. I already know what are my favorite clear lippies (lip balm) (Hurraw Night Balm at night and Booda lip balm for day time) are, but I want to try more. And my drawer is filled with many lip balms that I like. I shall try the Burtsbee soon. I bought the Vaseline mostly because it is cute.

And it's almost Thanksgiving!  We will go to my aunt's house.