Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Last night we were invited to one of my uncle's house.  We usually "do Christmas" on the eve with the family.  Gigi was invited too.  This uncle likes Gigi and is her unofficial Godfather. :)

We had a biiiiiiiiiig steak (Gigi got a few bites), sea cucumber (yum), eggs (too full to eat that), cabbage and cream soda.  It was delish.  I am so blessed and touched.  The uncle sent me a text earlier yesterday.  And I got 2 gifts from the uncles/aunts already.  One is a bag of highend beauty stuff (aunt works at the duty free shop at the airport, so she got all these sample goodies).  The other bag is a Starbucks mug.  The interesting thing is I bought a Starbucks mug this year too.  But they are not the same design, so it's all good.

 photo IMG_3037_zps024d8d88.jpg
Some positive thoughts for you.

 photo IMG_3034_zpsc66f3160.jpg
I got this little charm from my coworker. I gave her the "Footprint in the sand" necklace.

 photo IMG_3044_zps49f63d81.jpg
True. :)

 photo IMG_3046_zps67fe6ebf.jpg
I got this yesterday. Yay. From me to me. I can't believe I didn't order the cd as well. Boo.

 photo IMG_3078_zpse51f95f6.png
Godfather loves his little sausage.

Gigi gets to open her gifts this morning. She loooooooooves to rip the paper, I have actually push her away.

 photo IMG_3066_zps87b71cc1.jpg
This is from yesterday's "party"

Ripping open the presents in speed up.

Another speed up of her playing with the duck. All she was doing was plucking the fur. So I had to take it away from her. This duck is interesting. There is a squeaker in there and also felt like there is a bottle in there too.

Agility in 34 seconds. The speed up made her bark so cute. Heehee.