Thursday, December 4, 2014

Never a dull day

Gigi is my pride and joy.  You should know that by now. ;)  Her favorite hobby is eat, agility and hanging out with her mama. ;)

Anyway, last night around dinner time... the table was set and I put a little dish of treats on the table so she can get a nibble when we eat (she sits on a little bed next to me during dinner time, so she won't be begging and will be in the same spot).  Moments later, the Super was yelling "bad dog" and told us she was ON THE TABLE!  What?  Sure enough the treats are all gone.  And guess who is the dumb azz who didn't push the chair in?  You got it.  It's the roommate and she has the nerve to blame it on Gigi.  Grandma was the only one who was kind enough to be on Gigi's side.  I think it's the roommate's fault.  It's a dog's nature to try to get to the food and there she was presented with an open invite.  Anyway, that's the fun from last night.

I, on the other hand had some fun playing some of her photos. :)

 photo IMG_2805_zps201fc2c4.jpg

 photo IMG_2807_zps3524df56.jpg

 photo IMG_2808_zpsbdd0b337.jpg

LOL of all these fun pics.

Gigi now also has a godfather. It's my uncle who adores Gigi. :D My mom found this crystal charm at his house and asked him to give it to her (ha!) and she gave it to me.

 photo IMG_2804_zpsbdd7249e.jpg

 photo IMG_2798_zps5417815f.jpg
My friend/coworker gave me my first Christmas present. It's a antique-looking dachshund pin. :)