Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter reminder

Inspired by MetaDerm's recent post on Instagram, I want to write a post to refresh my memory on what to do with my skin during winter time.  This is only my personal experience and is not medical advice. 

1.       Drink lots of water. 
-          Moisturize internally and externally.
2.       Do not pick or scratch.
-          This is easy to say, but difficult to do.  And this is true though.  However when I have flaky skin, I do clip them off, because if they got caught on anything…OUCH. 
3.       User MetaDerm as needed to relieve itching.
-          I use a variety of products during winter.  During summer time, MetaDerm is sufficient.  But during winter, I need extra… lots of it.
-          To refresh the memory or introduce you to it, layering is recommended.  There are different types of moisturizers and each have their own properties based on the ingredients and this is the suggested steps to use (source):
                                                               i.      Immediately after a shower (when your skin is still damp with water)
1.       Apply a humectant-rich moisturizer (these are water-attracting molecules which grab hold of water and slow down its evaporation. Examples are glycerin/glycerol, hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol, sorbitol, pathenol, and honey)
2.       Add an emollient-based moisturizer (these lighter oils sink into the skin and replace natural skin oils, helping to bind the skin cells back together into a nice solid layer, which feels soft and smooth to the touch. Examples include silicones, isopropyl palmitate, jojoba oil, propylene glycol, and vitamin E.)
3.       Seal it all in with an occlusive oil (these are greasy oils that block water from evaporating. Common examples are petroleum jelly, mineral oil (both super effective), lanolin, silicones (e.g. dimethicone), olive oil, carnauba wax, and beeswax)
-          Some of favorite moisturizers:  MetaDerm, Borage Therapy Advanced Formula, Egyptian Magic (use this at night with gloves on), Rocky Mountain Soap unscented Butter (use this to seal everything in), Booda Butter
4.       Use ice to numb area.
-          If I get really itchy, I run my hands under cold water and then I follow up with moisturizer.
5.       Eat whole foods.
-          Working from inside out.

I carry a small bottle of moisturizer and eczema spray (I have a little “emergency bag” with me at all times for little essentials like that), so I have it anytime I need it.  Also a nail clipper to clip away the flaky skin.  

If the skin get annoyed, sometimes I soak them too.  I add Toe Juice in water and soak for a few minutes.  Water is not your enemy as long as you moisturize immediately afterwards.  When the whole body is affected I had tried bleach bath and it helped.

Use cold water VS hot water.

Stay moisturize!