Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas gifts ramblings and other stuff

Is it ever too late to talk about it?  Don't know.  Don't care.

We are never big on this.  Maybe it is our family.  Maybe it is a Asian thing.  But we will only get 1 thing from our relatives.  And we aren't doing the "big" gathering like we used to when my grandparents were still alive.  So it is lucky if I got 5 gifts total.  Material thing is not important... da dee da dee da.  But it's nice to receive a HEARTFELT gift.  I mean it is something with thoughts put into it.  The focus is the sentimental value, not so much about the monetary value.  It would mean much more if I have received a paw print painting from Gigi than a tube of Chanel from my aunt (most likely a brand new tester tube from her work).  You see?  (My family and friends will always be considered a great gift.  So is Jesus's salvation is the bestest gift.  And Gigi, of course!!!!!!!!!!) I haven't even bought myself any "official" gift.  I bought myself stuff all the time.  Lately too many lippies (includes colored and/or clear products/treatment)... Orange Thyme lip balms are good.  And some new matte Jordana I have bought.  My lippie drawer is overflowed.  I think I have like 100.  Anyway.

Back to Christmas gifts I got.  I got small amount of cash from my parents.  A Starbucks mug from one of my uncle/aunt and tester-cosmetic (lots of highend stuff) from my other uncle/aunt and that's it.  Nothing from Gigi.  I did gave her a few things though.  Anyway, it does not matter.  I just want to say it.

However, I have bought me an official birthday gift. :D  Not counting the lippies (2 Gerald lipsticks, multiple lip balms-some are back ups, like the Hurraw Moon Balm etc etc etc).  I got me the Mr. S concert DVD!!! :D  And I should really go on a no-buy and do a big cleaning of my stuff.  I always feel good after a good thorough cleaning/organizing session.  So I shall do that this Saturday.  A partial in my office anyway. :)

This morning Gigi was very naughty.  I returned to my room after my shower, she usually just take her first nap.  But I came back to a messy room, she messed up my bed, her bed and pooped on the floor. -_-  Then I kept her out of my room so I can clean and calm down... then she decided it's good to be on my parents' bed.  I was expecting her to wait outside of my room.  ;_;  My baby is all grown up.

Received my SMAP CD from the Smap Shop.  It is an interesting track.  I love getting good mail.  I would be getting quite a bit this month. :)  Ordered a new shower gel and face cream the other day.  My skin is so dry.  My face too.  It's so annoying.