Friday, January 23, 2015

Crazy Rumors

We all know how words travel fast and furious and can always lead to crazy rumors???

But this time I am talking about the good kind of Crazy Rumors.  I am talking about lip balms.  LOL.

I have tried them long time ago, but was never really impressed by them.  For some reasons I decided to give them another try again and I bought 4.

Ship time was ok, I think about a week or so?

I am happy with the texture, because it is not slick nor too waxy, but it feels "thin" on the lips (as in not creamy).  The scent was subtle, it has stevia in it, but I can only taste a bit of it.  I prefer Epically Epic's taste if I have to compare.

I do like them having quite a wide variety to choose from and they have a little seal around the tube.  And their labels are cute. I have only used Cinnamon Bun, like I said the texture is great.  The smell and the tastes are fine.  I have to use it more to give more comments, but my initial review is positive. :)  And I always like to include a chocolate flavor when I find a new lippie place and a plain one too.

 photo IMG_3369_zps1ec1d0c2.jpg