Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I have been watching lots of vlogs via YouTube, I enjoyed them.  I will do the similar stuff, but via blog. ;)

I have been itching a lot everywhere since maybe Saturday?  It is not fun.

The front of my thigh (mostly the right one) had a cramp after taking the stairs at work.  Ouch.  It still sort of hurt now.  Have you ever have cramps that bad?  I have had a few, but usually they are my calf.  :(

Happy news:  I slept much better last night. :)  I also wrote a post about Power of Intention (will post soon), and I will be rereading that book soon.  So many books to read, so little time!

I have bought 2 First Aid Beauty products from Sephora and received them on 1/8/15 and have been using them.  I like FAB, because they are catered to troubled skin and has no fragrance.  Here are what I bought:  First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wash and Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream.  I learned about these 2 products from Weylie and I have already had the Ultra Repair Cream already and like it ok (it feels more like lotion to me).  I started using those 2 immediately.  My itch started shortly after I uses the body wash.  So there must be something in there that my skin dislike.  The face cream seems to be doing good.  I use it twice a day.  I only use it because my face has been extra dry. :(  At least my face is ok, so I stop using the body wash now.  At least I know I can always count on MetaDerm.  Who knew my skin dislike FAB body wash.  Sigh.  I have bought the Ultra Repair Concentrate yesterday and I actually tried it in store and it is like a salve kind of texture, so it may be good for my hands.

Yes, I went to the mall to buy a bath sponge to use with the body shop and only did I connect my super itch with the body wash AFTER I bought the sponge.  Duh.  I also bought the face wash net.  Have heard of it, but never try it.  Should be interesting.  Bought dinner at the food court and had DQ dipped cone. :)  Got my bday gift from Sephora while I was there too.  Nars lippies!

 photo IMG_3276_zps83467b5e.jpg
She is way too cute.  Taken last night.

 photo IMG_3280_zps7e2314ae.jpg
Mostly true, but she had never destroy a squeaky or any toy.  She is also not big on digging, except to make a nest.  My girl is weird. ;)  The last one one is too true though. :D

Just found this:  combining affirmation to heal eczema.  I love Louise Hay, but have to say I haven't been working very hard on my affirmation.  But this is a sign that I need to revisit again. :)