Monday, January 12, 2015


I am sad to say that I do not like the new EpicallyEpicSoap lip balms any more.  It used to be buttery, and less slick, but now it is way more slippery than my preference.  The most noticable difference is the lack of pistachio butter, and I think it was substituted by olive butter.  I think she also replaces jojoba and sweet almond oil with olive oil and added olive squalane.  I don't mind substitution of ingredients, but I do mind when the texture is not the same.  Texture is important to me in lippies.  I don't like slick lippies.  It is sad, but good thing is I got a bunch of back ups of her old lippies.  :D  Plus, I really have enough lippies to last me a long time anyway.

However, I do really enjoy Orange Thyme.  I remember it used to be more slick, but these new ones I bought are quite nice, actually a tiny bit too waxy (just a tiny tad).  I need to try the other one to make sure the texture is consistent.  And I can buy more. :D  I do love a good indie lippie.

There is also another lippie I bought from Whole Food, I already forgot the name/brand. I don't like the texture of that one, so it is sitting somewhere in my room.

I also have a bunch of other lippies (color or clear) that are waiting for me to try.  So we shall see. :)