Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quite a bit of update

I haven't have as much time as I have hoped to update this blog.  Not a whole lot has happened, but I still like to keep track of what's going on in my life.

I received my SMAP Mr. S concert DVD last week (or was that a week before?) and I enjoyed it.  I still have not watch it on TV yet.  But it's ok.  It is still as amazing as ever.

 photo IMG_3411_zps333fba5c.jpg

So I am wearing my SMAP necklace to celebrate. :)

Seahawks is going to Superbowl again this year.  Yay for them.  Even though I do not care a bit about football, it is still exciting.  I wish them all the best.  And to show my support I painted my nails in their colors.

 photo IMG_3416_zps2102cd91.jpg

Green is Darling Diva Polish Landslide, a very lovely green.  Blue is Bear Pawlish Maleficent.

Gigi is doing great.  My little sturdy dachshund daughter.  Love her so much.  She wakes up a lot during the night and I don't know why.  It affects my sleep.  Meh.

 photo IMG_3418_zps828eac24.jpg

 photo IMG_3390_zps06c45e43.jpg


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I got an amazing package from MetaDerm.  I have been itching a lot (nothing too unusual during winter time).  And they sent me this package consisting of the Pavana Cream and spray.  A wound spray and a small container of hyper hyper (not typo) moisturizing cream with HA.  The magic ingredient, according to Liz (my friend at MetaDerm) is hyaluronic acid.  So I started using the cream and spray last night.  And for the past 2 days I have this crack on my index finger tip and it hurts and I sprayed it with the wound spray and it healed overnight.  I am not even joking. It is so amazing!  I hope these products will help with my itch.  So excited.

 photo IMG_3429_zps66c3351a.jpg 

There is this seller in HK that sells handmade soap and lots of people like her because of the effectiveness of her products.  So my mom got me a few items as my birthday gift.  I am interested to try them out.

So all in all, life is good.  All is well.