Sunday, February 15, 2015

Show and tell

I am lazy, so this is what's happening so far.

 photo IMG_3613_zps0c93a923.jpg
My most recent polish haul. Different Dimension and KBShimmer.

 photo IMG_3625_zps0eae88d4.jpg
I also received my Colourpop order. I love Brink the best, but the tip already broke!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad.

 photo IMG_3615_zps85ee8a48.jpg
Just a pic of my valentine. ;)  She really sees herself as mine or me as hers.  She would wait for me and follow me around. :)  11 years together. :D

 photo IMG_3622_zps80fec3db.jpg
Bought these yesterday. Quite yum. Simple and delicious.

 photo IMG_3632_zpsed8c8ecb.jpg
This is Different Dimension Challenger. It is sort of like looking into the galaxy and the stars. This is 3 coats. And my Hurraw Chocolate lip balm. I really do like them.

Thursday (I think), we got a surprise FaceTime request from my parents.  So Gigi got to talk to them a bit.

Today (Sunday) is warm and sunny.  I vacuumed the inside of my car.  I tried to keep the inside clean, as I don't wash my car very often.  Ha.

I have been feeling ok.  Not my very very very best, but not too bad.  So much to read/watch, so little time.