Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I got the cold.  Gahhhh.

The thing that makes me madder was that I started taking extra vitamin since I knew I was sitting next to my aunt who had the flu.  I started feeling something funny on my throat on the Sunday after my birthday.  Monday I was having the cough during the day, then starting at night I got the stuffy nose too.  Gah.  I am so annoyed.  Today I am feeling better.  Sigh.

I couldn't sleep too well neither, because I can't breathe either.  Duh.  I didn't have mood to do much.  Watched some YouTube and that's it.

Today I redid my nails, because my right pointer chipped.

 photo IMG_3843_zps8ca399db.jpg

This time I did some sort of skittlette.  And this is the first time I did a leopard design.  It is sort of fun.  Though I didn't wait until the design is complete dry before adding the top coat.  Because I have no patience.

The purple is Chaos & Crocdiles Reconnaissance.  White base is from KBShimmer, black and pink are both from Cult Nails.  Silver holo is also from KBShimmer.

Ok, time to take another stuffy nap.