Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This weekend

The long weekend has ended.  It is too short.  Gigi has not been sleeping too well, so I didn't sleep well. :/

I did some organizing.  I looked at my untried lippies.  And here are some swatches.

 photo IMG_3653_zps4191601c.jpg
The Gerard lipsticks comes in gold color tubes.  Like MAC lipsticks, but in gold and kind of cheap feel to it, but the lippies are quite nice.  Nude doesn't show very well on my lips, but it didn't make me look dead, so it's nice.  1995 is a nice color, but it makes my lips feel kinda dry.  And it's a similar shade family as Rosewood.

 photo IMG_3654_zpsc64aa590.jpg
Nars' lippie has a very nice tube.  It's in black, magnetic square case.  The tube is "engraved" with its name.  It is very nice.  The texture of this lippie is nice and I do enjoy the color. 
Rosewood is also cased in a magnetic case and unlike their usual lippies, the top is not curved.  I also enjoy the lippie's texture and color.  I do recommend them.

 photo IMG_3664_zpsc2b4bab1.jpg
Did I mention I lost my scarf a week ago at Red Robin.  I noticed it on 2 days later on Monday and I called them and they took my number.  And I got a call a week later saying they may have my scarf!  And I got it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is a cheap scarf ($5 from Wally World), but I like it.  So I feel really happy.

 photo IMG_3669_zps09809ddd.jpg
I had my hair done yesterday!  Just the same old:  hair cut and coloring.  :D  And I weighed Gigi (and me) yesterday. Gigi is finally 11 lbs!!!!!  Finally!!!  Took me a long time to get her to this weight.