Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fun stuff to share

Some fun stuff to share on the blog today :)

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I finally got my box from Bonjour Jolie. It is like 2 weeks late. But I really like what I got. I got a supply of the "essential", a gift (a paper bead bracelet), body stuff and snacks. I thought it was a good value. And fun.

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I am really enjoying this miracle balm from 365 days of color. I bought their sample set, which you get 3. I picked Hot Chocolate, Funnel Cake and Honeydew. I opened Honeydew already, but it is not very strong. Hot Chocolate, on the other hand is so good. :) And the size is so cute (.25oz) and I think it will last awhile too.

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Did my nails. I used Covergirl outlast stay brilliant in emerald blaze. It is a nice green. I also "added" a dachshund charm! How cute. I got the charm from The Sparkly Shop. And I just placed the charm there for the photo, I didn't use any glue to secure. The charm is quite thick, I have a feeling it will fall off easily. (I didn't know they have this when I made my purchase!!!)

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My current favorite lip balms. The photo only shows the brand and is not inclusive with the flavors. :) 

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Treatment.  This is lovely and I enjoy it a lot.
Hurraw!  Amazing products.  I owned a lot of their flavors.
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.  I really enjoy their lippies.
booda butter lip balm.  Simple and effective lippie.
EOS.  I do like this and think it makes a great lip stick base.