Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Happy Hump Day.

Yesterday traffic was terrible, but when I got home, there was still the sun in the house.  Gigi was really enjoying it. :)

 photo IMG_4401_zps2d9cdb3b.jpg
She really does love the sun.And you can really see her gray in the pic. :(  I love her so much.

 photo IMG_4400_zps91651ec9.jpg
I can't resist to take another pic of my nails. And Gigi sort of photo bombed me. ;)  The holo is much more noticeable in the sun.  And it is lasting quite well.

 photo IMG_4399_zpscd5657fb.jpg
And my dachshund tote arrived. Yay. It is smaller than the other one I bought. Love them both.