Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gigi is a blessing

I have been feeling kind of crappy (nooooooooooooooooo!)  lately, partly due to this stupid cold.  Grr...  So pushing aside all negativity.  I still have (among many other blessings) the most adorable, loving, amazing and cute Gigi.  She has the bestest cute face and the most amazing personality.

 photo IMG_3970_zps7fad41c1.jpg
This is from last night.  She has this dorky and serious face. :)  And look at the corner puppy photo.  Who knew that tiny thing turned into this lovable grownup girl?  Am I lucky or what?

 photo IMG_3982_zps7202c704.jpg
And this is this morning.  She doesn't want to get out of her blankie.  Wish I could burrow with her.

 photo IMG_3981_zps249355ee.jpg
This is from Louise Hay.  Now in an app. ;)