Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hump day

It felt like it should be Thursday, but it is only Wednesday.  I have set up a visit for Gigi and her Godfather. ;)  Yes, she has a Godfather and a Godmother. :)  It's so cute.  Anyway, she is going to visit this weekend.  It would be fun.

 photo IMG_4107_zps286154b0.jpg
I adore this face. Not sure if she feels the same?

 photo IMG_4123_zps6fbb2e03.jpg
Selfie. It is considered successful as long as she is in the frame. If she is looking at the camera, that would be a bonus. :/

 photo IMG_4136_zpsb883846a.jpg
And this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have also cleaned up my Instagram.  I have figured out, even though having a large amount of followers sounds great.  But when there was a group, there could also always the danger of trolls.  And I don't want the "work" of having to answer all comments.  I am lazy.  So I am just as thankful for my little group of followers.  I have also set my "rules" (for me only) as to how I manage my group.  Of course, they all subject to change as I please.

These accounts will probably get blocked/unfollowed:
No posts.
Private (can't see).
Following large amount of accounts, but have very few followers.
Only post contest photos or repost.
Have contradicting belief/interests as mine.
I just don't like what I see.
Repost with no credit.
Never comment/like my photos.
My accounts, my rules.

I am sure everyone has their unpublished/in the mind set of rule how they manage their account, but these are mine and they are all subject to change as I see "fit".