Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I have such conflicted feelings. I am never really a simple person.  But no one is really ever simple.  We are all divinely designed and created by God.  I don't understand myself 100% at all!  And I don't think I need to totally understand myself.  I just need to TRUST (this has been the theme for Jesus Calling lately.  It was "Communication".  I think she may have a monthly theme.) Him.  But I am weak.  And I like to doubt and my mind is crazy and stubborn.  And that only lead to unhappiness.  I need to follow the manufacturer's instruction, but I am so lazy and weak.  That should not be my excuse.  See my conflicted feeling?  I suck.

I want to have a real quiet time everyday.  I want to have ONE chunk of time dedicated to this.  Of course I am going to have lots of conversations/prayers to my creator.  But I know I need a dedicated quiet time.  I want it to consist of these, in no particular order and I am not super concern of how much time on each... but this is a start...
Song(s) (I don't even care if it is the same song everyday)
Bible reading
Devotion (I am ok if I move JC to here, but I'd like to add another one)

I am going to INTEND this to happen.  This is good for my soul.