Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tips in dealing with a cold

Just want to share some of my personal experience from this dang cold.

  • Invest in tissue with lotion, because you will use a looooooooooooot of them.  And they do make a difference!
  • Get some amazing lip balms (ones that you really love), because your lips will get dry from unable to breathe through the nose.  My current favorites:  Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy and Hurraw lip balms.  Heck, have MULTIPLES by your bed side.
  • Keep all your things (tissues, lip balms, water bottle, books etc) close to your bed so you don't have to get out of your bed to get them.
  • Get some good moisturizer, your skin will get dry, especially around your nose.  Ouchie.
  • Keep drinks next to your bed too, because your throat will also get dry, because of breathing through the mouth.
  • Do N-O-T get med with pseudoephedrine HCI.  It definitely helps with the breathing, but I can not sleep.  Last night I finally fell asleep at 3am!  Or if you want to take them, take a smaller dose and only take in EARLY AM.
  • Use a shower tablet in the shower, it really help clear my nose along with the hot water. 
  • Get some saline nasal mist.  I didn't use it everyday, but they are nice to "clean" your nose.
  • Ayr Saline Nasal Gel.  I discovered it a bit late.  But this is great for around and under the nose (where the real beating take place with all the wiping).  This little one I got is so great.

Here are some other goodies I want to share:

 photo IMG_3903_zpsde5fae91.jpg
Good nail polish remover.

 photo IMG_3900_zps9a35ebff.jpg
Not my intended design, but they look ok.

 photo IMG_3901_zps07da7fe8.jpg
Gave her a shower yesterday. This is her post-shower sunbath. :) My butt hurt today.

 photo IMG_3909_zpsd34cf1cb.jpg
Great lip balm and humidifier.

 photo IMG_3910_zpsd389a306.jpg
Her face. LOL.