Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gigi update again and Rodeo Drive

The Gi is definitely doing better, her sleep is still wonky.  But her appetite is back and she keep all her food in.  My girl is cute and I am so glad she is slowly back in being her cute adorable self.

 photo IMG_4922_zpscf8cdc97.jpg
Selfie time!
These actually turn out quite well. :)  Isn't she adorable?

 photo IMG_4926_zpsdac9057a.jpg

I opened my Gerard Cosmetics Rodeo Drive today.  I bought it for 2 for $20 with a coupon code (shipping included).  The other one is Berry Smoothie. They processed the order fairly quick, but the shipping itself (via FedEx Smartpost) is slow.  Took almost 10 days from CA to WA.  As you can see the color is sort of pink.  It is quite wearable and I like it.  Also this definitely does not have the drying feeling like 1995, which is nice.  I will be doing a bit of comparisons with the other pink I have.  I normally don't care much about pink.  But I think I like this one.  Stay tune for another post with comparison swatch.