Monday, April 20, 2015

Gigi update

She was starting to do better on Sunday.  I fed her her normal breakfast:  1/4 cup of Force from Honest Kitchen and I secretly added her pain med and her vitamins in her meal.  But she didn't finish her food.  That never happens normally.  I KNOW now that she is a bit more mature, I need to give her more time to be back to her normal self. 

We just lounge around the house mostly.  She did went with me to Whole Food to get some food.  When we were home I gave her a mini blueberry parfait (well, just plain yoghurt and blueberries)... but I think I gave her a bit too much, because she puked some of it out and I sat on it.  Yes, I did.  Barf.  So I learned another lesson again.  So last night and this morning, I only gave her a portion of her normal amount.

She definitely seems more perky this morning.  Though she woke up many times last night.

But overall, she is healing very well.  I am happy with her progress.

This post has no photo.  Shocking, I know.  But I didn't take any pics last night, nor this morning.  Though she looks very very cute.