Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I am not good with makeup.  Makeup is fun for me.  Since I am not experienced, so I am always careful with what I use. ;)  Don't want to look like a clown.

Consider I never wear any makeup before I was 18 or so, makeup is a scary thing.  Ha.

My favorite is lipsticks.  Because they are easy and relatively more affordable and one could look put together with just this.

It is a big thing (sort of) when I put foundation. ;)  I like to mix CC cream and foundation.  Sheer it out a tad, and I get the benefit of skin care and SPF.

I am also learning to use bronzer... just to give my skin some color. Not good with blush either.  But bronzers seems to be helpful.  I have a few and just bought this Tahiti Laguna Bronzing Powder

I am going for quality over quantity.  I am going to streamline my products.  Going to keep what I would actually use over buying everything.  It's hard when it comes to lipsticks, but I can do it with my other items.  Going to only keep what gives me joy.  Wish me luck. :)