Monday, April 6, 2015

This weekend

This weekend is uneventful.  I was not feeling too well.  Had a headache... a low grade one, but I feel it and I am not happy about it.

 photo IMG_4600_zps2b4673cb.jpg

There is lots of sun this weekend.  Look at this girl. :D  Totally enjoying it.  This morning she waited by the gate, I thought she needed to go pee, so I let her go downstair, then I saw she was in the sun. :)

I received my Bonjour Jolie box, it came fast.  I really like this subscription box.  It is great.  My auntie is making a bigger entrance during this visit.  Boo.  So the box will make the visit more tolerable.  It's tough to be girls sometimes.

I also received my Silk Naturals order. And I enjoy what I have ordered.  4 for me and 2 for my mom.  The 4 are:  3 of their matte velvet lippie and 1 repurchase--St. Tropez, which I have repurchased many many times.  It's my YLBB color. :)

 photo IMG_4616_zpse843a1bb.jpg
This is a bunch of various lippies. All these are lovely. And these are only a fraction of my lipsticks. Wow.

 photo IMG_4611_zpsade855bc.jpg
The Matte Velvet themselves.
Garter-This is my pink-nude.

Pinup-I do find this quite nude.

Swoon-Nice pink.

 photo IMG_4617_zpsdbe2c910.jpg
A few more. I admit I am a lippie junkie. You can see St. Tropez (my repurchase) in there as well. Lovely color.

 photo IMG_4620_zps75a857b7.jpg
Just another swatch to see if they are dupe. No, they are not, but sort of close.

 photo IMG_4621_zps05a5f69a.jpg
She really loves the sun. I love our selfie. :D Though she loves the sun, she chose me over the sun when I am going to another room. That melts my heart.

 photo IMG_4627_zpsc8d2f05c.jpg
Got a surprise from the roommate! Per the bag, this little cutie is from 3 Monkeys.  A cute little dachshund dish!  It's not very big and quite narrow (just like a dachshund), and it fits a lippie perfectly.  Ha.  Also featuring my cute clock and Tony Tony Chopper.  I love my space.