Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bit of this and that

I got a free fitbit flex at our employee benefit fair.  I am so happy and I finally set it up yesterday and felt so cool wearing the band.  LOL.  I do believe it can be a valuable tool.  I am thankful.

Yesterday I also mow the yard for fun.  Yes, you read this right, I did that for fun.  Since the mower is still a new toy, I want to play.  It didn't take too long, but I really feel my arms and shoulders working!  Yay for a manicured but baldy yard.  Why are there still so many bald spot???

I have also tried my new Blue Box Balm lip scrub.  I am not surprised it is not like my favorite Lush lip scrub.  Let me describe to the best of my ability of Lush's scrub:  it is dryer and is more scrubby and it tasted quite nice.  Actually I do not eat it, so it does not matter much.  But I do enjoy its dryer and more scrubby texture.  So far all the other lip scrub I have tried is more greasy and less scrubby (less sugar used?!).  So there.  I still prefer Lush.  Though I used less on the other kinds, because it's greasier and using a lot will not be good, because it will be an oily mess everywhere.  And with Lush, I tend to use more, because a lot of time half of what I have scooped out fell into the sink.  LOL.  Because it's not as greasy.  That is my opinion.

Hands still icky.  Left is worse than right. I am still doing everything I can.  MetaDerm is still nice, but I need MORE at times like this.  I am using emu oil as a base, then MetaDerm later on.  Also  using Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel before the oil to heal all the cracks and cuts.  The combo seem to work well.

I am also once again (again!  sigh.  i suck.) back into my "quiet time".  My current devotional on top of Jesus Calling is this (Quite Women Co. - Week 21 - 7 Day Devotional + Workbook).  And I enjoy it quite a bit.  I just need all the energy from God.  That's all.

I guess that's it for now.  Didn't take any selfie this morning.  Ha.